Tai Shan Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Bamboo Jungle - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Lama Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Forbidden City - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Bamboo Jungle - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Wudang Purple Heaven Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Wudang Mountain - Photo By Hamed Katoozi


Iranian institute of wushu & spiritual energy research

We are actively engaged in researching in all of the wushu areas especially in Tai Chi. We are doing our best to improve and develop all aspects of Wushu in Iran. Participating in international competitions, translating the latest version of books and articles in Tai Chi, Manage Different courses with different levels for all of the people who interested in Tai Chi, are some of our Institute activities.


Master Katoozi

Summary of Qualifications

Recognition of the experiences and activities of Master Katoozi, Founder and Chairman of the Institute

Hamed Katoozi commenced Tichi and Chikong in 1999. He has profited from many famous masters in Iran. Having travelled to many countries such as China, Thailand, Hong Kong and many others, he succeed in taking advantage of so many great masters in Taichi and Chikong. These unique experiences have encouraged him to keep pace with the most universal standards of Taichi.

 Recognition of the ability in performing and promoting Taichi

He proceeds with “Taichi Standard Forms” and other Wushu styles like “Hangar” and “Sansho” and all of his efforts lead to won 7 International and 9 Local medals. He has profited from “Grand Master Li Deyin” and “Grand Master Hufeng You” in Taichi standards and Modern forms and also Doi Lian and has won 5 international championship medals in these fields. Also he is interested in Traditional forms such as Chen and Yang Style and honored to win 2 medals in the First Traditional Festival of Wushu in Iran.  In 2010, he was attracted to traditional spiritual Taichi forms such as some Traditional Yang Forms, Taichi Chikong Forms and Wudang Taoist Forms.


(Chen Jiago Village, School of Chen Taichi Family)

He has profited from different great masters in Traditional Taichi forms such as: Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei, Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang and Grand Master Menhui Feng .

In Taichi internal forms, he took advantage of “Grand Master Mantak Chia” and “Master Jampa Mackenzie Stewart”. Also, he learned Taoist philosophy Forms from “Grand Master Zhong Yun Long” and “Master Zhong Xuechao” in Wudang Mountain.

The above activities in Taichi along with a comprehensive Thesis submitted to Chinese Wushu Association , culminated in Duan Wei 4 ,it was the first time that an Iranian athlete could achieve such a success  .

(Ceremony of Duan Wei 4 granting – Tiger badge, 2011)

 Recognition of the ability in performing, teaching and promoting Tuishou

Besides Taichi , Master Katoozi is interested in Tuisho and tries his best to perform and promote this great art in Iran.

In Tuisho, he enjoyed the trainings of “Grand Master Tian Jinlong” and succeed to win the first Tuisho international Medal. Then, He established the first professional courses in that field. Two of his students honored to win medals in Hong Kong Champions of Tuisho in 2011.

(The first International Medal in Tuisho, Push hands of Iran, Hong Kong, 2009)

Recognition of the ability in performing, teaching and promoting Qigong (ChiKong)

Master Katoozi took advantage of the trainings of great masters in this filed including “Grand Master Mantak Chia” and “Master Stewart Jampa Mackenzie”. He has established the most reliable professional Chikung courses in Iran and he is continuing to devote his life to this noble knowledge.


He has learned Hard Martial Chikung and Zen School in Shaolin Temple and his knowledge in this field was upgraded there.

(The Damo Cave)

“Grand Master Zhong Yun Long” and “Master Xuechao Zhong” have had a great effect on his learnings in the field of Taoist chikongs like Chikong of Five Elements, I Ching Chikong and Five Animals Chikong. Visiting China, he learned Tao history and Tao Cosmology in Taishan Temple (Taishan Moutain) and  White Cloud Temple.

(Taishan Mountain and Temple)

Furthermore, he went to Eight Immortal Temple in China and completed his knowledge about Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit.


(Inscription of Microcosmic Orbit)

(Zhong Yue Temple, The greatest and the most ancient Taoist Temple in the China)

(Rooting Exercises by Master Katoozi)

Some of his activities in the field of Therapeutic Chikong are as follows: Transmitting and Emission of Chi, Theory of Acupuncture Medicine, Cleansing aura, and many others.

Iron Shirt chikung , By Master Katoozi)

 Training and management backgrounds

  •  Person in charge of the Studies and Research Committee in 2006.
  • Leader of Iranian Wushu Team in 2009 and 2011 in Hong Kong Championships.
  • Editor of Professional magazine of Taichi in 2006
  • Chairman and manager of “Iranian Institute of Wushu and Spiritual Energy Research”.
  • Person in charge of Wushu Society of Tehran municipality in 2011.
  •  Holding Workshop of Taichi introduction – Universiy of Karaj
  • holding workshop on effects of chikong on cancers- Shahid Beheshti University
  • holding professional chikong workshops-Shiraz
  • holding of the first Research thesis in taichi in Iran

(Introduction of chikong in international congress of Cancer- Shahid Beheshti University)

(Hong Kong 2011)

(Shaolin Temple)