Tai Shan Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Bamboo Jungle - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Lama Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Forbidden City - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Bamboo Jungle - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Wudang Purple Heaven Temple - Photo By Hamed Katoozi
Wudang Mountain - Photo By Hamed Katoozi



Taichi, the grand ultimate, is one of the most popular martial arts in the world especially in China. It is based on a deep philosophical attitude. It helps to circulate energy in body. The muscles does not play a specific role in this art, and relaxing is the key of defenses or attacks. Each movement or Taichi posture carries defensive or offensive applications. To understand these applications it is important to have an awareness of the concept of Yin and Yang, which is the result of the system of Tai Chi Chuan.
Taichi Chuan is a style of boxing and it helps to regulate mind, body, breath, Qi and spirit. The 13 Postures is the foundation of Tai Chi Chuan. These 13 postures were derived from the Eight Trigrams and the Five Elements.so they called taichi an art which is in accordance with the nature.
But today Tai Chi is an effective exercise for health and well-being and the martial aspects of this art has been neglected. It has 5 different styles which are Yang, Chen, Wu, and Ha.
The martial aspects of taichi are as below:
Dui Lian: is a name for preset scenic battle between two or more. The competitors use their defensive and offensive techniques.
Chin Na: is a name for a self-defense which is contains some techniques for cavity strikes and etc.
Tui Shou: is a name for two-person training routines practiced in internal martial art of Taichi.